Minutes of Meeting

Friday 15th June 2012

Present: Paul Miller, Ali Sparks, Max Balch, Anna Matthews, Dee Hendy, Tracey Rowland,              Kate Bowditch, MaryAnn Parkinson, Jade Lee

Apologies: Dulcie Bowditch, Anna Taylor





Summer Disco

Mr Miller would prefer that there was no Disco this term due to short notice

Date book for the Friday of the start of ½ term in Summer term as well as the other Disco’s

Request For Money

E-mail request via Will from another parent for another set of goals posts.

Request for first aid course for next year.

All request forms need to go to Paul Miller before coming to PTA.

Treasurers Report

Approx 1700 paid in May

Pool Balance 1707.93

£1675.02 for It’s a Knockout (£200 a grant from parish council)

After expenses profit £1094.02


£490 from food/bar

£586 Raffle/programme

£400 Stalls

Handing out of Raffle tickets needs to be looked at

It’s a Knockout

Good feed back



Building Security



Bigger and better next year maybe involve other schools. Paul Miller to speak to schools for feed back before approaching other PTA’s.

Outside tenders need to power themselves

Needs to be more secure and not totally open.

Not to be allowed hard to police sand buckets to be around.

Swimming Pool

No committee members for update

PTA requests another life saving course, but to possible be held during the day to get round child care problems.

Ladies Night

Ladies Night

Friday 28th September

Ticket Event price to still be decided, will include ploughmen’s and glass of wine and numbered ticket as raffle ticket.

Stall holder’s £10.00 + raffle prize.

AM to look in to doing a fashion show as well.



Book bags for  Reception Children

A gift from the PTA to reception children

This need to be discussed before event.

New children enjoyed receiving them on their one to one meeting with Mrs Payne.

Christmas Ball

17th November

Leigh Village Hall booked

Band booked

Local Pubs to be contacted for outside bar.

AS discussing food with Oakleigh Farm Shop.

Ball committee to give regular updates to PTA.

Tickets – Old fashion, posh tickets

Black Tie


Saturday 14th July


Sports Day 27th June. Olympic theme whole school

Monday 10th Sept’ Coffee Morning


Friday 28th Sept Macmillan Coffee Morning and cake sale

Calendar of date events for PM

PTA Stall at Yetminster Fair. HELP PLEASE

KB to help AM with ice-cream, more help would be good

Welcome to new parents, flyers for reception book bags for 6th & 7th.

AM to do but would love some help.


AM doing

Date and Time of next meeting

Wednesday 11th July

Yetminster Sports Club

Last meeting of year.

AGM date needs to be set.